WiQ Origin Story

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In early 2017, Harriet Cunningham (1.5 years at MiQ), Senior Account Manager and Georgiana Haig, Product Manager (2 years at MiQ), came together with an idea for change in an industry they felt still suffered from a lack of diversity. They saw, that whilst many companies around them had a near 50:50 gender split, as soon as you look up the ranks of seniority, the split becomes increasingly skewed towards men. In fact, the numbers are alarming with only 2.9% of ad-tech CEOs being female. So, they decided to do something about it and create change within their own organization.

Alongside their day jobs in sales and product management, Harriet and Georgiana built a platform to raise awareness of gender equality, build and promote a supportive community, and be an accessible platform for resource and education on diversity. WiQ was born.

Since the initial launch in London, WiQ has globally scaled. With the newly created WiQ Ambassadors Program, which sees 35 MiQ employees team up to localize the WiQ mission. WiQ is now in Bangalore, New York, Toronto, Sydney, Atlanta, Chicago and Hamburg. Between them, they have run external and internal speaker events, workshops and training sessions, with a focus on being a practical avenue for advice and knowledge, created a video series interviewing prominent women in the industry and partnered with leading diversity organizations to be part of the wider conversation.

WiQ is a fantastic illustration of how determination, courage, creative thinking and passion can lead to real change within an organization. Harriet and Georgiana have entrenched WiQ into the culture at MiQ and are using it as a force to do good externally too.

Looking ahead, it’s an incredibly exciting future for WiQ, and one that we are immensely proud for Harriet and Georgiana to be leading.

Carmen Mackins